Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Been a long time

Well, Jessica is very busy so i figured i would post the pictures i could to give everyone an update. So far the kids are doing well. Shamus is kissing a lot now im told and Roman still wont go to the bathroom in the toilet everytime. Anyone got any ideas?
Well things are going okay in Iraq, and going okay at home. The holidays are coming and that means Christmas. Please remember the kids and Jessica when you make plans. I hope everyone knows Jessica still plans on attending the family events even though i am not there. If you can help out with babysitting during the holidays that would be great. Jessica will need extra time to buy presents, wrap and decorate. I know we will need a tree and im sure help with the trimming would be amazing. Last year i brought home a real tree, and if you follow the blog or if you want you can look at past blog posts, it was the best tree ever. The tree doesnt have to be real but help with a tree would be great. If anyone has questions on gifts for the kids just send jessica and email, normally i would be there to answer the questions or to do the shopping but alas i wont make it home this year.
Marissa is doing well in school. Halloween has just past and here are some photos.

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John and Jessica,

I am pretty sure that someone else has already got to you about a tree, but it that doesn't happen and you will go to
Pick one out and let us know where to have it delivered we would be humbled to be able to do that for ya'll.
Rachele and Michael